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Nine Shades of Red - Part 2/9

Title: Nine Shades of Red Part 2/9
Author: Anon_Fangirl
Rating:R for language.
Genre: Romance, Friendship, A bit of Angst (Maybe at some point)
Warning: Some bad language
Spoilers: Everything that's aired is fair game (up to 3X09 at this point)
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or its characters.
Author Notes: This is obviously happening slowly. I can’t promise that the next update will be any faster, but I will try. Many thanks to peet4paint who is the best ever.
Summary: Written for this prompt from the FIDW challenge: Sin, guilt, pain, passion, blood, anger, courage, danger and love... those are all things that you easily associate with the color red. Puck goes through all those nine shades of red when thinking about Kurt.
Word Count: 771 this part

Part 1

After that whole talk with Kurt, Puck had totally reassured himself that he was ok with the gay. In fact, Puck was starting to think that he might be a little more (or, you know a lot more) than ok with the gay. See, he just couldn’t stop thinking about that porno he’d watched when he was trying to get over his apparent homophobia. The thing was, it wasn’t bad.

Puck wasn’t trying to get off when he watched that movie, he was trying to get educated, so he wasn’t sure, but he thought that, yeah, he probably could get off to it. Which was why he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Because Puck was a sex shark. Just because he’d stopped sexing up the pool moms and yeah, he’d dated Lauren and not had sex with her, that didn’t mean he wasn’t still a sex shark. He was just a more mature, responsible sex shark. ‘Cause here was the thing. Puck liked sex. He liked to get off, and frequently. He was, after all, an 18 year old guy. So if there was an opportunity to get off, he wasn’t going to just ignore it.

Which was how Puck found himself one Saturday, finishing a steaming bowl of soup, and assuring his Ma that, ‘yes, he would be fine while they were gone and no, didn’t need anything before they left.’ Once his Ma and sister were at temple, Puck cleared away his bowl (he may have lied about being sick but he was still a good son) and dashed up to his room to the waiting stack of gay pornos. Yes, an actual stack of movies. He was pretty sure his Ma snooped his computer when he was at school, and sure, Puck knew to clear his browser history, but he wasn’t going to take any chances downloading gay porn onto his computer, because that was conversation he just wasn’t ready to have. So Puck drove to Columbus to rent the movies, which he covered up by offering to go pick up his sister’s school things (the prices were always cheaper in the city, according to his mother). It was a sweet deal, he got porn and brownie points with his Ma (which he would totally need if she found out he wasn’t actually sick).

Puck picked a random movie and put it in his DVD player, then grabbed the remote and got comfy on his bed. The movie started out comfortable, familiar, a scene that Puck had seen play out in countless pornos – sure when the plumber arrived it was a hot guy (and yeah, Puck could acknowledge the dude was smokin’) instead of a hot girl who answered the door, but other than that things were basically what he was used to. It was badly lit, the dialogue was crap (“I’m here to lay some pipe”, really?), and the actors were clearly not chosen for their ability to, well… act.

It wasn’t as confusing as he’d thought it was going to be. Usually when he watched a porno he imagined himself as the guy. This time he was the plumber, he could totally picture himself strutting around Other Guy’s house, showing off his guns, checkin’ out Other Guy’s ass. It got a little weird when Plumber dropped to his knees in front of the other guy, but obviously not bad weird because Puck went from half hard and vaguely interested to totally hard and totally into it so fast it was almost painful. At that point Puck figured he should stop thinking so hard and just enjoy it already.


It turned out that Puck was right. He could totally get off to gay porn. He was just about to figure out whether he could get off twice to gay porn when he heard the door open and close up the hall, as his Ma and sister got home from temple. He made a mad dash to turn off the movie and make himself presentable before one of them barged in and caught him getting off to gay porn. He felt his face flush red at the thought of being caught, he could just imagine his mother’s reaction. He was supposed to be sick in bed. He wasn’t the best Jew, but he was pretty sure that this had to be some kind of sin. There were like, more than 600 commandments, and he was pretty sure that ‘lying to your Ma about being sick so you can stay home and get off to gay porn’ had to be covered by at least a couple of them.
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