Culinary Success

My parents are very meat and potatoes people. Tonight I successfully fed them brown rice with mushrooms and flax seed, spicy garlic spinach, and marinated tofu. They ate it AND they like it. Go me.

Help me Please!!!! (Umm with fic, not something that is actually urgent)

Ok, I'm clearly not going to get finished in time for the Fic I Didn't Write challenge, but I am going to finish this thing. But I really, really need someone to read this over. Even just the first bit I've got written, tell me if it sucks, what needs fixing, should I keep going or is fic writing just not my thing, etc... I'm looking for brutal honesty here folks, not empty praise. I hate reading bad fic and I really don't want to be responsible for subjecting other's to it. Please help?

Can I Klaine for the sake of Puckurt?

Serious question.

While trying (and mostly failing) to write my (doomed) story for the Fic I Didn't Write Challenge I came up with an idea for a completely different story. Major angst (which I can't even READ so I don't know why I think I could write it?!) but it would inevitably, do to the structure of the idea, be a three part series, eventually getting to a happy Puckurt ending, because in my world EVERYTHING has a happy Puckurt ending :). Here's the problem the first story would be Klaine, totally Klaine, maybe no Puck at all (gasp), and Kurt would maybe be the bad guy. I know this isn't a lot (read:anything) to go on, but do we think this has potential? Would a Puckurt shipper sit through an entire Puckless story for the eventual promise of Puckurt?

Hello World

So I caught a nasty cold flu thing and have been mostly incoherent and kind of completely out of it for the last several days. As I result I haven't responded to anyone's anything in a while, or may have responded with utter nonsense (as in more than my usual utter nonsense). I think I have caught up now but if I haven't responded to your something or I did and it was scary/nonsensical, feel free to prod/poke/nudge, I do still love you tremendously. Also, I think I've somehow committed myself to writing a fic - which I don't do. Someone needs to take my comp away when I'm sick.(It occurs to me that I may still be somewhat incoherent/nonsensical so imma stop writing now.)

Cutting it allll off!

So between the craziness of studying for LSATs and my general hair laziness, I've mostly had just had my hair twisted up and clipped out of the way almost everyday for the past year. It has gotten long. Really long. Like, all the way down my back stupid long. So, I'm cutting it all off and donating it. Gonna cut it cut off to about chin length!! I called and got an appointment for tonight - I'm super scared/excited. Wish me luck!!

Writer's Block: BFFs

If you were in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, and you discovered a cockroach in your room, would you kill it or make it your friend?

I would love and cuddle that cockroach. I'd probably end up going quickly insane because I would stress over the cockroach's well being. I would worry about feeding it. I'd worry about it's comfort. I'd worry about it leaving me. I'd feel bad for using impersonal genderless pronouns like "it" because really, how do you tell a cockroach's gender? I'd probably eventually end up feeling bad that the cockroach was stuck in solitary with me and end up plotting way that it (he, she?!) could escape. Huh, now that I think about it, maybe I should just let the poor little guy go in the first place?